floating stair, suspended stair,escalier suspendu,escalier flotant,marches suspendues,floating staircase kit,monolith boat,olivier decatoire,

the robots the logos and the ego  gallery painting

the god gene (clic for the texte) dibon plexi  size100x100

do you need to bee a brain surgeon ? (clic for the texte)size 100x120

robot bomb kamikaz (clic for the texte)size 150x100

church of the ego (size 150x100)

the logos black sky (size 150x110)

shit tv robot family (size 180x120)

flower power....

the girls from Miami speak Chanel 

robot van gogh (size 125x150)

marylin robot wharoldollsex box (size 120x120)

is it srtong whith is logos ? (120x170)

robot gang (size200x250)

robot fantomas (size 120x100)

big wellow lips size (125x140)

logotoys size120x120

logo hypnotic (size 125x125)